Marketing Co-ordinator

  I have over 15 years of experience designing ,
developing and implementing tactical and
strategic marketing plans for large retail
organizations in accordance with the
company's marketing strategy.

  • Researched and collected information on products and services, developed strong trend analysis skills and performed market evaluations to ensure successful promotional campaigns

  • Designed, developed and disseminated retail flyers to promote products and key initiatives in newspapers and other forms of advertising media

  • Co-ordinated seasonal promotions, including: merchandise selection, securing vendor support and activity, procurement and layout and design of P.O.S. for in store promotions

  • Created marketing and promotional concepts for radio, television and newsprint

  • Maintained computer network systems between head office and retail locations

  • Effectively negotiated contracts between multiple parties including: management, key account managers and advertising companies

  • Managed operating budgets, forecasts and reports of finances

  • Demonstrates strong multi-tasking skills including: marketing, planning, employee relations, contract writing, promotions, procurement and other professional demands commonly required such as conferring with key account managers, sales representatives and handling concerns with tact and diplomacy